Does any of this sound familiar?

I am going to set my goals this year!
I am going to track my goals!
I am going to watch my growth!
But where do I even start?

What if you could...

  • Track organic growth year over year, month over month?
  • Set a revenue goal and see that goal tracked on a bar graph against not only the goal but how your revenue compares to last year?
  • Set a page view goal for the year and then break it down per month based on last years page view growth for that month?
  • Compare page views from this Tuesday to last Tuesday in a weekly chart that updates daily?
  • See your page view goals for the year versus your actual page views for the year in a cumulative total on a chart?


Every business starts with a plan. But how do you determine what plan? What is reasonable? What is achievable? Blog Goals uses YOUR data to help YOU make a plan based on


Blog Goals is able to keep track of your google analytics, ad revenue, affiliate income as well as page views and RPMs. Year over year, month over month, day over day. All the trackable data you want to see in one place.


Achieving your financial or other blog goal is very satisfying and rewarding when you have set a plan in place based on YOUR historical data.


blog goals compressed

The google analytics based tracking spreadsheet for bloggers.
See your historical data, plan your business’s growth based on your metrics and track it all…. with just a few clicks.

Customizable tracking spreadsheet that will access your historical google analytics and pair it with real-time numbers, updating daily.

Video instructions on how to install and set up your Blog Goals spreadsheet.

See your revenue goals, growth and achievements for your blog at a glance in easy to read charts and graphs.

Ready to Plan, Track and Achieve?

What others bloggers are saying

What have other bloggers in your field have to say about Blog Goals?

Sarah Mock is the culinary blogger behind Savoring The Good. 12 years of writing in notebooks, keeping sticky notes on walls and trying to remember all her blog goals led to Sarah creating Blog Goals. Sarah is a very visual person and she wanted to have a place that she could see at a glance how her website was succeeding and where she needed to make adjustments.

Sarah's day starts off by inputting her revenue from the previous day and then refreshing the Blog Goals to watch the charts update. No longer does she wonder if yesterday was a 'good blog day' because she is able to see how she is achieving her blog goals.

Questions you may have:

How far back will Blog Goals pull my Google Analytics data?

Blog goals is set up to pull your Google analytics data back from 2016. With this data in hand you are able to make educated predictions on your goals going forward

Will anyone at Blog Goals see my Google Analytics?

Nope! When you receive your copy of the Blog Goals you connect it to your blogs GA and no one at Blog Goals is able to see any of your data.

Will Blog Goals automatically pull my revenue from Mediavine, Ad Thrive and my other income sources?

You will have to manually input your revenues into the Blog Goals spreadsheet. You can do this daily or monthly.

Will Blog Goals automatically pull my Google Ad Sense income into the spreadsheet?

The Blog Goals spread sheet will not automatically pull in your Google Ad Sense revenue. Just like other revenue sources you will have to manually input that data

Is Blog Goals a one time purchase?

Blog Goals is renewable subscription. It automatically renews each year and you can cancel at any time.

I learn better when someone SHOWS me how to use something.

We are here for you! Included in your purchase is a PDF of the installation instructions so you can have a hard copy as you are setting up your Blog Goals spread sheet. Also included is a step by step video tutorial that you can start and stop as you set up your Blog Goals